The Beacon is A.B. Shepherd's novella - a psychological thriller. 

A book that will leave you questioning what you believe is real.

How far would you go to help a new friend? Would you kill a man?

How do you know what is and isn't real?

When The Beacon beckons safe harbor isn't guaranteed.

*This book contains discussion questions making it ideal for book clubs.

"A.B. Shepherd tells a masterful tale that not only tackles tough topics, but also had me questioning dreams from reality long after the story ended. I couldn't put this one down." - Karen Pokras Toz, Author Chasing Invisible

"A.B. Shepherd seriously writes to make the reader obsessed with finding out what is going on. Sucked in and desperate to get to the big reveal. This is a story I became obsessed with and I felt total attchment to the protagonist and her mysterious friend." - Jess of Jess Resides Here (

"A.B. Shepherd creates a tale that will have you riveted from start to finish. She tackles a very real and upsetting subject by putting a slight spin on it. The main character has you questioning what is real and what goes on in our own mind. It's a must read!" - Lynn of All Things Romance ( 

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