Saturday, January 10, 2015

A fun ride! Planet Z by Kristen Middleton @kmiddle08 #amreading #YAscifi

I was cruising Amazon the other day, searching for a dystopian novel with aliens in it to read. This is one that popped up in my search. I don't usually take advantage of Amazon's "sample" feature when I go to buy books there - and really I should. It would weed out some that are not quite what I'm looking for. This time I actually did read the sample and it quickly hooked me.

It's a Young Adult book, suitable for children over the age of 11. I wasn't specifically looking for a Young Adult book, but hey if it intrigues me I'll read YA everytime.

It was only just released on New Year's Eve 2014 and it's a short book at only 228 pages. I read it in a single sitting and I honestly never wanted to put it down.

 It was full of plot twists that kept me hooked, wanting to know what was coming next. 

Alex is an 18 year old girl who, along with her little brother and scientist parents, is being sent on a mission to Planet Z. Earth has become uninhabitable after a world war nineteen years ago. You can't breathe outside without an oxygen tank.The planet no longer supports plant or animal life. What little humanity is left is at risk of extinction in the near future. This mission is their last hope of finding a habitable planet to survive on.

But just a few days before boarding the spaceship to head to Planet Z, Alex is contacted by Blayze, a young man who asks to meet with her secretly because he has something important to tell her about the mission. When she tries to meet with him, he doesn't show up and she gets a really bad feeling.

Conspiracies abound and twists galore ensue. Unlike my last review, this is not a book that will leave you thinking about it for days, but it sure was a fun and wild ride and I loved it.

Want to check out Planet Z for yourself - click here to find its Amazon page.

What is the last book you read that you would describe as fun? Tell me about it in the comments.

Book Blurb:
Planet Z

After the Human race has depleted most of the Earth's natural resources, Alexandra (Alex) Logan and her little brother, Jimmy, join their parents, both planetary astronomers, in a mission to try and save what is left of mankind.

The mission?

Bring back conclusive evidence that Planet "Z" is the miracle they've been searching for - a planet that can sustain human life. Unfortunately, they soon learn that the wonders of this new place are overshadowed by the terrifying secrets revealed on their way to the planet.

This Science Fiction Fantasy is recommended for ages 11 and above. 

About the author:
Kristen Middleton
 Kristen Middleton is a bestselling author from the Midwest who not only enjoys writing, but connecting with her readers. She is also involved with raising money to help locate missing and exploited children, helping other authors succeed by sharing what she's learned in the self-publishing industry, and volunteering resources or her time whenever she can. "Besides having a passion for writing, I adore children, suspenseful movies, watching Shameless and The Walking Dead, traveling, Moscato wine, Chianti Grill, Savoy Pizza, and meeting new friends."

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