Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Debut Aussie author Julia Masters and A Soft Rope #amreading #bookreview

This is an odd one kids. So, if you've read my bio you know I'm a novice fibre crafter. What you probably don't know is that I belong to a local Spinners (yes, as in the spinning wheels like Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on) and Fibre Crafters Guild and I attend meetings there once a week to get a my allotted dose of socialization, and to learn skills so that someday I will graduate from a novice to an accomplished crafter.

So one day a few weeks ago, one of my fellow members of the Guild told me her Yoga instructer had also written a book (because the group knows about my writing) - a mystery - and was selling copies of it only in hardcopy to her friends and family.

You may, nor may not, know that Ilike to support local talent in many forms, so I gave her the purchase price and asked if she would obtain a copy for me, and she did.

This mystery is about a family living in Beachport, which is a gorgeous little seaside town nearby where I live, and I've visited it several times (in fact, somewhere on this blog are photos I took there). The husband in the family disappears while on a fishing trip and is presumed drowned, yet as time goes by the wife begins receiving letters from him blackmailing her for money.

This book starts out very, very slowly and the author spends about the first half of the book giving us a heap of background information of the main couple's relationship from the time they met and all the way up until the day the husband disappears. It makes for slow reading, but the fact that the author uses so much Aussie slang and locations familiar to me makes it slightly more interesting, even for someone who has lived here as long as I now have. I have to admit though, if not for the circumstances of how I obtained the book and that it was set in familiar territory for me, I might have put it down.

But I persevered, and I will say the book got much better as time went by. By the time I was 3/4s of the way through I had nearly forgotten about the slow start because I was now hooked, and by the time it ended - well I was left thinking about it. And after all isn't that the way the best books leave you - thinking?

I'm sad to say this book is not available online, although I hope the author does put it online at some point in the near future. Do keep your eye out for it.

I have absolutely no information on this author, other than the fact that she is local and teaches Yoga. I do, however, have an email address for the printer of this book.

If you are desparate to read it, I suggest you shoot an email to that address and see if they can hook you up. :)

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