Friday, October 31, 2014

Perfect ending! The Bone Whistle (The Gateway Chronicles #6) by K.B. Hoyle #amreading #gatewaychronicles

This is the sixth and final book in The Gateway Chronicles series and it doesn't disappoint. We've followed Darcy and the gang for several years now and each year is so worth it.

This year Darcy and her family have moved to Tennessee following the loss of her dad's business and when it comes time to go back to summer camp her parents don't want her to go. She manages to get there just in time to get through the Gateway but her friends had given up on her arrival so she goes in alone and somehow suffers a bout of amnesia surrounding her entry into Alithea. As time goes by she has flashes of memory as she and the gang continue their battle with Tselloch and his evil plans for gaining control of all three worlds.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I have a love-hate relationship with Author @kbhoyle_author #amreading #review

Because I am an avid fan/blogger of K.B. Hoyle's Gateway Chronicles series, her publisher offered me an advanced review copy of K.B.'s newest book, Breeder.

I loved the Gateway Chronicles series geared toward Young Adults (There are six books in that series and I have read/reviewed them all. You can find the first review here.) and was intrigued by K.B.'s first foray into a New Adult dystopian world, especially because dystopian has been my flavor of the month for quite some time now, so I immediately said yes.

Breeder is the story of a woman called B-Seventeen, a superior genetic specimen chosen for the coveted Breeding Program of the UWO - Unified World Order over 100 years after the world has been devastated by three great tragedies, including a famine, a plague, and invasion by hostile aliens.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flash Fiction: Tick by A.B. Shepherd #flashfiction #amwriting

Swimming with dolphins! A tick off the bucket list. She'd dreamed of swimming with dolphins for as long as she could remember. Probably since she first watched old reruns of Flipper as a kid. Finally her dream was coming true.

She suited up in her wetsuit. It was the first time she'd worn one and it felt a bit strange, the way it hugged her skin. Her mind wandered into daydreams as the Dolphin Expert gave instructions and she had to pull it back hard. Anticipation made her flesh tingle and her steps bounce.

"...okay, have you got it? It's nothing to be nervous about. The dolphins are used to swimming with humans and they are very friendly," the Expert finished.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A dark world indeed! Irradiated by S. Elliot Brandis #amreading #dystopian

So remember when I told you I asked my Australian Writers group to pitch me their dystopian novels? Well this is another one that I purchased based on their recommendations. Irradiated is the first of a trilogy. Book two, Degenerated, is also available now, but book three is yet to come.

In the world of Irradiated, something horrible has happened. We are never told what, but most would assume a nuclear blast or some sort of nuclear fall-out because the world above ground is no longer safe for human habitation due to radiation.

Most people live underground, in tunnels. When those who are desperate enough venture forth and are exposed to radiation, the radiation causes