Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The bible and aliens = Xposure by Phillip T. Hopersberger #amreading #bookreview #aliens

I went searching through Amazon the other day looking for something that would pique my interest. I've been in a bit of a mood lately where really just nothing looks good. I've got literally over 1,000 books on my Kindle but don't want to read any of them at the moment.

I came across Xposure while perusing sci-fi books and using keywords aliens and post-apocalyptic. I read the sample on Amazon and it looked like something that would be right up my alley - a cross between "Ancient Alien" theories and conspiracy theories. It didn't hurt that the author was from Michigan.

The concept was awesome - biblical theory, government cover-ups, plus aliens. The execution didn't quite match up. I did like this book - but it had flaws. The biggest of those was the ending. No sense of closure - left open for a sequel that I haven't found any evidence of to date. It didn't dig deep enough into the promised story. I don't know if the author plans a sequel, but this book just doesn't really stand alone very well.

The whole book took place in a matter of maybe three days, and yet the main characters met and fell in love in those three days. Although such a thing can happen it is still a bit far fetched, but it is made even more so considering neither character is even a very likable character. Sure, you've got the strong military type of guy, but he hates kids and he's trained all his life to be a traitor to his country. Then you've got the pushy reporter. You may feel a little sympathy for her because of the "seizures", but not enough to make up for her personality deficiencies.

Also, the male lead is the only person in the entire military with strategic information that can be useful to an enemy force - and he carries it on his person? Very, very far fetched. I know this is science fiction, but a small amount of believability is still required.

Overall, it was a good story concept, and well written but, for me, it had the potential to be so much more. I liked it, but I was disappointed with it.

Book blurb:
WE ARE ONE GENERATION AWAY FROM EXTINCTION. Strange lights appear in the sky; now so commonplace no one much cares. A skeletal relic from a Qumran cave alarms a Dead Sea Scroll expert. Four world leaders are mysteriously summoned to the Vatican. The third prophecy of the 1917 Fatima vision is finally unsealed. STAN STANISLAW, a conflicted Soviet "sleeper" agent and US Navy SEAL, reneges on a deal his parents made in World War II, and now without a country, tries to survive long enough to put it all together...to expose a plot that threatens more than an antiquated Cold War agenda. It's a brand new millennium and the future of the human race is up for grabs.

About the author:
PHILLIP T. HOPERSBERGER was born in Detroit, Michigan (100 years ago to the day that Lincoln gave his first inaugural address) and graduated from Michigan State University (1984). After working for Knight-Ridder Newspapers for four years, he went into the ministry and became a pastor (Penn State & Michigan State Universities). In 1998, he resigned his pastorate to pursue a writing career.

His novel, XPOSURE, and his Civil War screenplay converted into a book, SOMETHING GRAY, are both available now on Amazon:

He lives with his family in Michigan where he writes, hunts, fishes, and chases Civil War history (www.TotallyWriteousCopy.com).


  1. That's a shame. It sounds like something that could have had a lot of promise, and really could have been expanded to be a great story.

    1. I had much higher hopes for it Anita, but who knows? Maybe he will rewrite it someday. :)