Sunday, November 17, 2013

Have you heard of the Kindle Matchbook Program? #amreading #kindlematchbook #kindle

No? This is a great program for readers who buy books from Amazon.

Here's what it is. Authors and/or publishers whose books are available as both print books and ebooks can enroll in this program offered by Amazon. If they opt in and you purchase the print version of a book you get the Kindle version either free or at a significant discount (price to be set by the author/publisher).

This is a great deal for people who love print books, but also enjoy the convenience of reading on a Kindle device. 

So next time you are looking to purchase a book through Amazon - take a look to see if it is enrolled in the Matchbook program. You could just have your cake and eat it too.

By the way - Lifeboat is enrolled with the Kindle price set to free if you buy the print version - and The Beacon will be too. :)

What do you think? Would you use the Kindle Matchbook program?


  1. I'm interested in anything that is book related lol

    1. One thing that I've thought of where this might work really well is if you purchase a print book for a friend as a gift - and could then get the Kindle version for yourself. :)