Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I hear you! You aren't just breathing.

I'd like to thank all you lovely Abites who participated in my recent survey. You are the TRUE Abites and I hear you!

I thought you might like to see the results. 

Overwhelmingly, your favorite thing about this blog were the book reviews, which is wonderful because that was my primary purpose in starting the blog and continues to be what most of my posts are about.

But many of you also said your favorite thing about the blog is me, and well, *blushing* thank you. I like you too. And of course my lovely friend Kriss had to make me laugh by saying "you believe in Aliens and live in Australia and are sexy". 

 A few of you have said you liked the fun chats and/or discussions on here, which I find a little disconcerting because, at least in my opinion, there are so few posts that get comments I usually feel like I'm talking to myself. 

Others have said they love the giveaways. I have to agree, I love a good giveaway myself. I just don't always have things to giveaway and since this blog isn't monetized, well it's not like I'm making a living from it. I'll see what I can do to keep them coming, but if all you are looking for is a giveaway contest to enter and are not interested in content, this may not be the blog for you.

In response to 'what you would like to see more of' giveaways was again mentioned.  

Author interviews, and book excerpts were great suggestions and I will look into providing more of those for you, as well as more posts interspersed with the reviews. More funny stories was also suggested, and while I like humor I don't find myself very funny so writing funny stories might be difficult, but I will keep it in mind. 

Another suggestion was more flash fiction. If you don't know what flash fiction is, it is basically a very short story. Typically less than 1000 words. I might take a stab at this but as a rule I'm not a fan of short stories in general. I don't typically find them satisfying because I don't feel like I get enough story to make me happy. But maybe I can write something that will change my mind. So watch out for that.

A gift to thank you for participating.

Now one reader suggested they would like to see more genres represented here. Basically, I read what I like which is most often mysteries, science fiction, YA, or sometimes contemporary fiction. There are some genres I generally don't like and won't read. Romance is one. Christian fiction another. If that is the type of reviews you are looking for this probably isn't the blog for you. However, if there is a specific book you'd like me to review, please contact me with your suggestion. If it interests me, I'll give it a go.

One very dear friend said she would like to see more posts about me, my feelings, my thoughts, my life, what ticks me off, my work in progress, and/or a book or movie that I really loved or hated. While I appreciate the sentiment and I do want to share myself with my readers, I feel the need to maintain a certain level of privacy as well. My life is not entirely an open book, which is one of the reasons I use a pseudonym. You will get my feelings and/or thoughts regarding books, reading, writing, and even sometimes other things like my recent post about loss. I may not put it all out here, but if there is something you are dying to know about me, ASK! I will answer.

I am trying to put more of me into some of my reviews too. I hope that makes them a little more interesting and satisfying. One of you has said you might even like a little writing advice. I'll work on that, but even though I have published my first book I still feel like such an amateur I'm not sure how helpful I can be.

And another Abite said she would like to see interviews about more everyday things "like do you color your hair?" Now I'm not sure if she meant interviews with other authors, or if she meant with regard to me. For the record, no, I don't color my hair. I have many, MANY grey threads and a few streaks, but because my hair is naturally partly red, the grey is actually white and I like to think it looks more blond than grey, as if I had highlights. Of course I could be completely delusional about that. Please don't burst my bubble. ;)

As for what you would like to see less of, well some of you have stumped me. Many of you have said nothing and the blog is perfect as is. But a few of you - I'm guessing you aren't Abites at all and only stopped by to enter the giveaway because you wanted to win the Amazon gift card because, well to be frank, your responses made no sense at all. One of you said you wanted to see less ads. This is not a monetized site and there are no ads here. The only "ad" per se, is for my book. If you don't like that, you can go jump. Another reader answered the question of 'What would you like to see less of?' with the response "I guess posts?" Huh? What? You want to see less posts? What does that leave? A blank screen? 
I thank you. Muchas gracias.

One commenter hated the grey background. That has been changed as you can tell. 

And another commenter doesn't like the long posts. I get that, and truly most aren't long, (although this one is - sorry about that) but I have changed the format of my reviews now so that the review itself is at the top and is now followed by the blurb instead of the other way around. Maybe that will help since you get the "meat" first. You can then decide if you want to read on to the rest of the material provided.

Another lovely commenter said she'd like to see less about other people's books, and more about my work in progress and what I am planning. I will say this - my work in progress is going slowly and I'm not quite sure how it is going to turn out. I'm struggling with it a bit. I'm a little uncomfortable sharing more info about it right now until I have it a bit more in hand. 

And lastly, Kriss again made me laugh by saying she wanted to see less alien butt pictures. I tried SO hard to find an alien butt picture to post just for her but came up empty handed. If any of you have an alien butt picture laying around, please post it here for Kriss. Thanks.

As for what it will take to get all of you wonderful Abites to engage more, you were a bit cagey on that one, but the biggest deterrent seemed to be the Captcha. I have since gotten rid of that to make commenting easier for you. It does mean I have to be diligent about watching out for those spam bots though. 

Some of you, again, want more giveaways or incentives to entice you to engage. Do you really think that is fair? I'm here giving you my blood, sweat and tears and in order to give me a little something back you want MORE? Please. Again, I do intend to try to do a few more giveaways, and I actually have a nice one coming up soon in honor of my birthday in a couple of weeks, but still. While I know that seems to work, if all you are looking for is giveaways maybe this blog isn't for you.

A few of you have said to ask more questions. I'm trying and have been for some time. It doesn't seem to work and maybe I'm not asking the right questions or enough of them. It's really hard, you have no idea. Even if I don't ask a question, please feel free to pipe up with your opinion. I really do want to hear it.

But for Kriss, well she has said she will engage more if I provide alien butt pictures (I really do need one of you lovelies to send me one!) and bacon.

So Kriss - this is for you. Make sure you share it with the others.

A HUGE thank you to all who participated. Any other suggestions? How do you feel about my responses? Tell me to get over myself if you want. Tell me something. Anything. Just please don't make me feel like I'm talking to myself anymore. K?


  1. omg do you know how much time I sat here looking for alien butt pics. I need a life I really do. Also I love that you're in Australia, believe in aliens and are super sexy, your voice too, we are like the same person :)

    Also poo poo on the not nice comments people left.

    1. I did too Jess! Can't believe I couldn't even find a drawing. Thanks babe. I don't consider the comments as not nice - just as not paying attention/not really followers.

      AND no one has ever seen us in a room together - maybe we ARE the same person. Mwahaha!!!! ;)

  2. Roflmao - ROFLMAO ... LMO.. SPITTING water out my nose... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH... now I need alien butt pictures, the bacon only lasts for so long !!!!

    1. I love you too and I am tasking YOU with finding alien butt pictures, cuz Jess and I are out of luck. :P