Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday giveaway! Signed book & tote bag. #giveaway

Guess what Abites? It's my birthday! That's right. I'm old. Damned old. But because it is my birthday I am giving YOU presents. What do you think about that? Sound good?

One lucky winner will get a signed copy of my book, Lifeboat.

So here is what you do. You get a freebie entry just because it is my birthday.You can get more entries if you share this post on Twitter, follow me on Twitter and/or like my Facebook page..You know, all the lovely stuff you can find right here in the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

But here is the really fun part!
A second lovely winner will get a signed copy of my book, Lifeboat AND a Lifeboat tote bag!

Please excuse the HORRIBLE photo of the prizes. I am a crap photographer. Just trust me that they look much better in person. (This tote bag is one I've been using - yours will be brand new.) So if you give ME this very specific present, you get to enter to win this prize pack. 

To enter to win the prize pack, all you have to do is post a pic of you, or a friend, reading Lifeboat in any format (on your computer, on an ebook, on your phone, in paperback - doesn't matter - but the book must be identifiable as Lifeboat). Post it on the publicly viewable place of your choice on the internet (i.e. you can post it on my Facebook page, your Facebook page set with the post as public, Pinterest, your blog, Twitter, really pretty much anywhere). 

Then come back here and post the link it in the comments so I can find it.  Here is an example to inspire you given to me by a friend. It is the inspiration for this birthday giveaway. Entries for this portion of the contest are valid as long as the Rafflecopter is. Once it ends, so do the entries for the photos.

Make sure you have entered the Rafflecopter too, so I have your address and contact info. By entering you give me permission to use your entry photo here on the blog. I may do a later post with all photos entered.

This winner will be chosen be me based purely on my favorite photo so be creative. 

Why would you want another copy of the book if you already have one? Well, first of all, do you have it in paperback? Hmm? Is it signed? And even if you do, you can always give this copy as a gift to someone you love. It would make a fantastic present, don't you think?

Oh! And if you'd like to give me even MORE birthday presents, you could always buy Lifeboat for yourself or a friend. Links to where it is available are on the right side bar.

Happy birthday to me!

We have our first submission folks! It's from Jessica (frellathon). 

Awesome Jess. I love it!

Keep those photos coming folks.

I am Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die! by Jessica (frellathon)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... tomorrow if it is not raining Asrielle, the squirrel and I will take a photo reading Lifeboat!

  2. Happy birthday....have an awesome day, and thanks for the opportunity:)

  3. Happy birthday! I'm not sure how I can take a creative picture showing me reading Lifeboat on my e-reader while making it obvious it is Lifeboat, but if I can come up with a way, I'll try!

    1. Your eyes don't have to be on the book Katy - in fact it doesn't have to be YOU with the book at all. Let your creative juices flow!

  4. Happy birthday, you are a sweetheart. Hugs and smooches. I hope you like my submission

    1. Aw thank you Jess. You are a sweetheart too and hugs and smooches back at ya. I LOVE your submission. Love it.

  5. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing birthday!

  6. The contest has ended. Congratulations to Hannah C - winner of the signed paperback, and congratulations to Jessica L. - winner of the signed paperback and tote bag! Thank you to all who entered and better luck next time to those who didn't win this time.