Friday, July 12, 2013

Devoted book tour - Guest post & Giveaway by Kathryn Palillo!

As part of her tour for her new book Devoted, Kathryn Polillo, author of The Watcher's Trilogy, stops by today to share her top six reasons we love YA fiction.  

Check them out, then take a peek below and enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win! 

Top Six Reasons we love YA Fiction.  
by Kathryn Palillo
Because 5 just isn’t enough  

#6- Ain’t Nobody Got Time  
Let’s face it we are busy people.  None of us have time for War and Peace and if you do, than welcome to the Internet, leave now while you still have a chance.  Anyway, between jobs, kids, significant others, friends, errands, and keeping the pets alive who has the time or energy to commit to a long, drawn out dissertation?  YA is there for us when we need it in all its simple, undemanding, non-judgmental glory.   

#5- Because nobody likes Happily Never After 
We are a generation raised on fairy tales.  Blame Walt Disney or The Brother’s Grim, but we were raised on fairy tales and happily ever afters.  We want the nice “and they rode off into the sunset” stories.  Not to over generalize, but YA Fiction gets that.  It may not be perfect, it may not happen in one book, but rarely does a YA book end in divorce, bankruptcy, or your in-laws moving in.  You know… happily ever after.   

#4- When pigs fly…  
Sure!  And when werewolves walk the earth and vampires sneak in windows and angels walk among us and ghosts are our best friends.  Want it to happen?  Wish it could happen?  Wonder what would happen if it did happen?  Welcome to YA Fiction!  

#3- Feel misunderstood?   
Was high school riddled with awkward moments and unfortunate fashion choices?  What a coincidence, welcome to almost every YA Fiction female protagonist.  Not only are you not alone in your awkwardness, but these characters are just like you, experiencing what you experienced, battling the “popular girls” with the wit and vengeance you wished you possessed, and all while maintaining their loner-outlier status.  These characters provide a second chance for us to slice cruel high school higherarchy with our razor sharp intellect, and snub our nose at anyone who made us feel unworthy or unwanted.    

#2- The hot guy secretly sees you’re awesome.   
Sure we weren’t all popular, but we have evolved into some kick ass adults.  So where was this awesomeness in high school?  Hidden under layers of self-doubt and silent anarchy, but fear not YA Fiction gives us amazing leading men who see past our less than conventional social behaviors and embrace all that makes us awkward.  Clumsy is cute, sarcasm is sexy, anger issues are a turn on, and the over sized sweater is just downright hot.  

#1-We want to believe!  
 Most of all we love YA Fiction because it gives us hope that all this crap life has piled on top of us is just part of the plot that will lead to our eventual climax where life makes sense, you fall in love, your future opens up.  YA Fiction lets us be teenagers again living in a world of opportunities, what ifs, and wide-open spaces.  YA Fiction reminds us what those butterflies in our stomach use to feel like and how excited we felt when we thought of everything that could be.   

Yes Kathryn, I DO want to believe. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Now tell us about Devoted. :)

Devoted Tour

Now available Devoted (The Watcher's Trilogy #2) by Katherine Polillo

Can love conqueror all? 

Michelle has managed to survive high school against all odds, but now she finds herself floating adrift in “the real world”. With two horsemen defeated, there are still two unaccounted for, and surely they are plotting her immediate demise. Michelle leaves her small New Jersey town behind to venture off west.

Barely able to comprehend her role as humanity’s savior she now has to grapple with some new roles and identities. With her Watcher, Gabriel, by her side she must again face the evils of Hell and attempt to keep her family safe. Will love conquer all or will till death do us part come too soon? 

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