Thursday, July 4, 2013

Confession - I watch Ancient Aliens on The History Channel

So I mentioned in a previous post that I've recently discovered the History Channel TV show Ancient Aliens.

In that post I spoke about the Serpent Mound in Ohio which I find intriguing, because similarly to the Nasca lines in Peru it is best seen from space and we can only speculate on its true purpose. 

Last night I watched an episode where the Ancient Alien Theorists posited that the ancient myths and legends of creatures like the Leviathan and Chimera and many more human/animal hybrids of legend were actually real creatures that were created by aliens experimenting with human DNA.

I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. 

Honestly. This show is so full of wild ideas and while some of them have a shred of validity and do make me ponder possibilities, many others border on the ridiculous and absurd.

The Theorists speculated that because our technology is reaching the point where such medical feats could be possible, we are merely recreating lost technology now.  The aliens who would have reached our world so long ago would have had that technology and used it. What would be more natural than to experiment with Earthly animal life?

One of the other theories mentioned in this episode was the theory that humans only evolved from primates due to the genetic intervention from aliens who visited our planet so many years ago.

Centaurs would have been the perfect pack animals with the brains of man so they could understand directions. The Theorists even speculated that dragons were created by aliens from lizards - why not give them wings and the ability to breath fire?

While I find much of this show to be complete hocum, I have to admit that it sparks my imagination in ways that I might someday find useful in my writing and that is precisely why I enjoy it.

Do you watch this kind of thing? What sparks your imagination? What makes you think?


  1. \LOL Our friend made us watch and soon we were watching because we wanted too... I admit it. I like having my ideas questioned!

    1. Good to know there are like minds out there Kriss! Thank you for confessing too. :)