Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lifeboat Blurb Reveal!

Last week I revealed the cover of my new book, Lifeboat. I told you that is is a sci-fi suspense novel. 

This week I am revealing to you my Book Blurb, designed to pique your interest and I'd like your honest opinion once you have read it. Here it is:

Cass Carmichael has lost everything; her husband, her son, and her will to live.

When natural disasters destroy the earth she is rescued by extra-terrestrials and taken to a new world where the human race can rebuild. But something is wrong  here. Survivors are vanishing without a trace.

Can Cass unravel the riddle before humanity disappears for good?

What do you think? Does this blurb, combined with the cover make you want to read it? Will you want to buy my book when it is released in May?


  1. I will be buying it and reading it again :) I love the blurb. It is a great representation of the book, which I find important. I get annoyed at blurbs that don't fit with the book.

    1. Thank you Rhiannon. You are a true friend and I'm glad you feel the blurb is appropriate since you are one of the few who have already read the book. :)