Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moonlight by Tim O'Rourke

Book Blurb:
When eighteen-year-old Winter McCall is offered a chance to leave her life of poverty behind on the streets of London, she moves to a remote part of the South West of England. Here she takes up the job as housekeeper to the young and handsome, yet mysterious, Thaddeus Blake.

Warned that he has some curious habits, Winter soon realises that not all is as it firsts appears at the remote mansion where she now lives and works.

Blind to the real danger that she is in, Winter finds herself becoming attracted to Thaddeus, and with nowhere and no one to run to, she slowly succumbs to his strange requests. But none of them are as strange as asking Winter to stand each night in the moonlight. 

My review:
After reading Cowgirls & Vampires by this author and posting my review of it (you can read that review here), which I had purchased on my own and elected to read with no outside influences, I was contacted by the author and asked if I would read his latest work, Moonlight. He offered to provide me the book free in exchange for a fair and honest review. I accepted his kind offer and this review is the result.

Moonlight is much darker in feel than Cowgirls & Vampires. It is creepier. More sinister. Bloodier. More vicious.

Winter is living on the streets of London, begging to survive, when Thaddeus approaches her with an offer that she finds suspicious, but nevertheless, accepts. She is wary of him, yet she follows him to a remote village where she remains suspicious of his intentions. 

This is a quintessential horror novel, in which the innocent has nowhere to run, and the villain holds all the power. Kind of a throw back to the old style of vampires novels. This is the first of a series, so the ending is left open for future events to unfold, but there is resolution of a sort.

I will say I found it uncomfortable reading, but I did find myself enjoying the story. I'll have to read a lot of humorous, lighter reads though before I can tackle anything this dark again. 

About the author:
Working away in the dead of night, Tim has written many short stories, plays and novels. Tim is the author of the bestselling 'Kiera Hudson series', the two paranormal romance books entitled 'Black Hill Farm' and the 'Doorways' Trilogy.

The world publishing and movie rights to Tim's latest novel 'Flashes' have just been signed by Chicken House.

Tim is currently working on his new series 'Cowgirls & Vampires'. The first book is now available.

Tim's interests other than writing, include watching South Park, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and listening to Pitbull, LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Adele. Tim is never happier than when reading The Twilight Series, Vampire Diaries and writing his own Vampire series 'Kiera Hudson'.

Don't be shy, feel free to contact Tim at Ravenwoodgreys@aol.com. Tim would love to hear from you.

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