Monday, October 29, 2012

Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter

Book Blurb:
Mary just wants to be left alone, but the cheerleaders, jocks, guidance counselors, and ghosts won't stop harrassing her. When a new boy starts school, he surprises Mary by befriending her. That's a rare thing for the school freak, but her unusual abilities put a rift in their budding friendship when Mary has to tell Cy that his home is haunted and not by Casper, the friendly ghost. 

My review:
Another one just in time for Halloween!

This is the perfect YA (Young Adult) ghost story. Not too scary but just scary enough. It's clean too! Safe for teens and even tweens.

Mary is a clairaudient. She can hear ghosts - not see them. She also seems to give them energy. Mary's Grandma is a fortune teller/medium. All the kids at school think high school junior Mary is a freak.

Then she meets Cy - the new kid - and he doesn't think she's a freak. Until one fateful night.

This novel is full of teen angst and just enough creepy ghost stuff. A truly wonderful YA novel.  

Do you enjoy YA novels? What are some of your favorites?

About the author:
S.A. Hunter lives in Virginia and works in a library. She is the author of the YA series Scary Mary as well as other fantasy novels. Visit her online at or email her

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