Thursday, September 20, 2012

Edwina Downs by Wendy Altschwager

Book Blurb:
The powerful Thornton family have owned this magnificent property: 'Edwina Downs', for over a hundred years. Robert and his wife Lavinia live a very wealthy prestigious life as socialites.

Robert is a ruthless and manipulative businessman, often engagingin exploitation and blackmail to expand his empire.

Robbie together with Maggie, takes over the management of the property. Following a freak accident, Robbie offers his mate Jake the position of the new overseer, and inadvertently the two discover Robert Thornton's devious past.

For those who live and work at Edwina Downs, life is never dull....Things are not always as they seem, and life throws up new challenges...

Everyone has a secret... Especially those looking for love..

My review:
I gave in and read this sequel to Runaway (see review of Runaway here). I really REALLY wanted to like this book. But it just wasn't for me. It was ok, but I found it somewhat boring. The blurb says life is never dull at Edwina Downs - and maybe if you are living it it isn't. But reading about it sure is. If what you want to read about is day-to-day life on a cattle ranch in Australia you may enjoy this novel. For me, however, this novel really has no plot. It is just the story of Robbie's life on the ranch. Friends hook-up. Friends get married. People have kids. Oh! There is one tiny little bit of cattle rustling, but nothing earth shattering. A quick read, but just a bit blah. I'm glad I borrowed it instead of buying it.

About the author:
Hello. I am a self published author with a passion for rural life and horses. I write with a punchy, humorous style, inspired by real life.


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    1. Thank you David. And I'm glad to know SOMEONE is reading my reviews. ;)