Monday, August 27, 2012

Swan Loch by Randy Mixter

Book Blurb:
She arrived on the wind.
It’s August 8th, 2012, more than four months after his wife’s murder. Sheriff Chris Hayward has made it his life’s quest to find her killer, but every lead has come to a dead end…until now.

A young girl has wandered into the town of Swan Loch, Maine. She seeks out one person, Emma Carson, a teacher at the local school. She claims the wind brought her there, and she has a message for Sheriff Hayward. Your wife is alive and I know where to find her.

Chris, Emma, and the girl with no name will now journey to a place where all mysteries will be solved, where one believed lost forever may again be found, and where evil has discovered the perfect hiding place. But they must hurry, because in less than 12 hours the killer will strike again.

Swan Loch is a mystery, a thriller, and a suspense novel. But mostly, Swan Loch is a story of love and hope, and how a brilliant light may sometimes pierce the darkest of nights.

As with my other fictional novel, Sarah Of The Moon, I like to think that love has the power to conquer all obstacles placed before it, no matter how impenetrable they may seem. Swan Loch is for readers who feel the same way.

My review:
Swan Loch intrigued me because of the title. Yup, a lot of people judge a book by it's cover, and I sometimes choose a book by the title. 

This is a mystery, but it is also a paranormal story, and a romance. I'll admit that I found the romance aspect of this story a bit on the idealistic side, and not very true to life. But of course, this is fiction, right? I did enjoy the friendships and relationships, the character development, and even the story. I liked the fairy tale type quality of it.

This is a book which left me thinking about it once I'd finished, which in my view is an awesome quality in a book. I'm rating it four stars.

About the author:
I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was a teenager. Some of my writing has been featured in local newspapers and magazines. I also won top honors in a song writing contest sponsored by Erols Video.

I am a Vietnam veteran and member of the Military Writers Society Of America. My book based on true stories about growing up in the 1960s, The Boys Of Northwood, is available on and on the Kindle wireless reading device. 

My fictional novel, Sarah Of The Moon, a love story with a touch of mystery and adventure, that takes place in San Francisco during the summer of 1967 is available on and other venues.

My Short story, Eternal, has been published by Sleeping Cat Books in their anthology, The Storm Is Coming.

My new novel, Letters From Long Binh, is based on the letters I wrote home to my wife while an MP in Vietnam. It is available at and other venues.

I am currently working on a new novel, Swan Loch, which I hope to have published by the summer of 2012.

If you'd like to learn more about Randy check out his website.

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