Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wild Goose Chase (A Quilting Mystery #1) by Terri Thayer

Book Blurb:

A computer techie by trade, Dewey Pellicano would rather swallow needles than be pinned down to a life of quilting. But when her mother passes away, Dewey must exchange code for calico as the new proprietress of Quilter Paradiso.

Between learning the business and dealing with a conniving employee who is also her sister-in-law, Dewey is ready to snap. During a national quilt show, quilting celebrity Claire Armstrong offers to buy the shop. But before Dewey can accept, she finds the famous quilter lying dead on the floor--a bloody
rotary cutter at her side.

When hunky homicide detective Buster Healy enters the scene, romance flourishes... until another murder takes place. Can Dewey thread together the pieces to this murderous pattern before the killer strikes again?
Wild Goose Chase is the first book in the Quilting Mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Dewey Pellicano.

My review:
I love handcrafts and have considered taking up quilting, so to have quilting be a part of this mystery was fun for me. And possibly why I chose to read it.

But this is a murder mystery with a heart. And I'm not just talking about the romance aspect. Sure, Dewey and Buster do have some romantic encounters, but the heart I'm talking about is Dewey's attempts to deal with her mother's recent death. She's grieving and trying to cope with the effect her mother's death has had on her family, with her mother's business, her pesky sister-in-law, and not just one, but several murders all at the same time.

Having lost my own mother nearly three years ago this hit home for me. This author writes with a realistic sense of what Dewey would be experiencing. There's humor too. It's not a "dark" novel. It's just a realistic one. I really liked it.

If you'd like to read Wild Goose Chase you can get it here. As of the time of this posting it is currently free in Kindle format, but I can't guarantee that won't change.

Do you do any handcrafts yourself? If so, what do you do and why do you love it?

About the author:
Terri Thayer says (on her webpage):

I am the author of seven mystery novels. The quilting series follows the adventures of Dewey Pellicano, a Silicon Valley techie who inherits a quilt shop.  The latest,  MONKEY WRENCH,  will be released in May 2012. The series, set in San Jose, CA begins with WILD GOOSE CHASE. OLD MAID'S PUZZLE and OCEAN WAVES follow. 

In the Stamping Sister series, you will find FALSE IMPRESSIONS, INKED UP and STAMPED OUT. These feature April Buchert, a rubber stamper who moves back to her small hometown in NE Pennsylvania, only to find trouble brewing.

Like many mystery authors, Nancy Drew was my childhood hero. I loved her wit, her tenacity and her cool car. 

Unlike most mystery authors, I took a detour into books by the likes of Judy Martin, Eleanor Burns, and Trudie Hughes when I discovered quilting in the mid 80s. 

By then I'd been sewing for many years, spurred on by a junior high school home ec class. Then, as now, my friends and I would get together to shop for patterns and fabrics and to sew, starting a lifelong tradition of gathering with like-minded folks. 

For me, quilting and writing are about one thing - community.

I am a transplant to California, after many years on the East Coast. I was born in Niagara Falls, NY. I have a son who lives in Virginia. My hobbies are - wait for it - reading and quilting. I love hearing from fans and have met many wonderful people through my books. Some of them are real!


  1. I got this book free on Amazon and just started reading it today. It really pulls you in and keeps your attention.

    1. Glad you picked it up Gene. Let me know what you think of it when you've finished it.