Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whole Lotta Trouble by Stephanie Bond

Book Blurb:
One Woman is Furious - Tallie Blankenship is a small town girl out to make her mark on Manhattan's publishing scene, even at the expense of a personal life. She's thrilled to be working with a high-profile mystery writer, until sleazy super-agent Jerry Key threatens to yank the project unless she sleeps with him.

One Woman is Scorned - Felicia Redmon is an accomplished editor with the world at her beautiful feet. But behind closed doors, her former lover, Jerry Key, is making her life miserable. After she receives a taunting nude photo of herself at her office, Felicia becomes desperate.

One Woman is Ruthless - Jane Glass is an e-book editor with an identity crisis and an attitude. When she discovers Jerry Key stole material from one of her authors, she sees red.

And One Man is Dead - The women's plot to humiliate the bad-boy agent goes off without a glitch...until they discover the next morning that Jerry is dead, and not of humiliation. Toss in a missing manuscript worth millions, a sexy cop, and a bike messenger delivering desire, and the women suddenly realize that when it comes to friendship, flirtation, and felony, they're in a "Whole Lotta Trouble".

My review:
This book started out a little slow for me and parts of it continued a little bit slow. I also found the ending a bit far fetched, but then again this is fiction, right? Overall, I did enjoy the story. I liked Tallie's development and her burgeoning relationship. I liked Felicia's secret hobbies. Jane was less developed but that was, I believe, a deliberate plot point. There are twists and turns, plagiarism, sexual harassment, and conspiracies to boot! Like I said, the ending was a bit far fetched, but overall this was a fun read. 

About the author:
Stephanie Bond was seven years deep into a systems engineering career and pursuing an MBA at night when an instructor remarked that she had a flair for writing and suggested that she submit to academic journals. But Stephanie, a voracious reader, was only interested in writing fiction--more specifically, romantic fiction. Upon completing her master's degree and with no formal training in writing (her undergraduate degree is in computer programming), she started writing a romance novel in her spare time. Two years later in 1995 she sold her first manuscript, a romantic comedy, to Harlequin Books. In 1997, with ten sales under her belt to two publishers, Stephanie left her corporate job to write women's romantic fiction full-time. She now writes a sexy mystery series for Mira Books and romantic comedies for Harlequin Books. Stephanie lives in midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Learn more about Stephanie by visiting her website.  

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