Saturday, March 31, 2012

Will Love For Crumbs by Jonna Ivin
My rating: 4 and 1/2 of 5 Stars

Book Blurb:
Raised by an alcoholic mother and without a father, Jonna learned at a young age to put her needs on the back-burner. After her mother dies of cancer, she goes on a spiritual journey looking for enlightenment and a purpose for her life. Eventually, she ends up as a volunteer in the relief effort following Hurricane Ike. There she meets a man who will forever change her life.

In the swamps of Louisiana and the hills of Arkansas, Jonna follows her heart to build a life with an American hero - a 20 year veteran of the Army Special Forces. Only after uprooting her whole life, leaving everything and everyone
she knows behind, do the pieces of this fairytale start to unravel. Realizing the man of her dreams is actually the stuff of nightmares; Jonna must once again go within and discover why she is a woman willing to love for crumbs.

My review:
This is not fiction - it is a memoir and a darn good one. Jonna has had things rough. Her mother was an alcoholic, her father wasn't around and she chooses the wrong man. Although I can't say as I've experienced all the things she has, I have experienced many of the same emotions and the same betrayals and I too spent a long time searching for something - anything - to hold onto in this crazy mixed-up world. I too was a child of a single mother in the 70s whose priority was not her children, and whom I later watched deteriorate as she was dying.

From her feelings of being overwhelmed as a caregiver to her dying mother, to her feelings of utter betrayal on finding the man she loves is a liar, she expresses her turmoil and thought processes much better than I ever could. Her words are powerful and worth reading.

Jonna, I hope the rest of your life treats you much kinder and you find what you seek. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

About the author:
Jonna Ivin is a playwright and screenwriter. Presently she is resting her head in Vancouver, Washington, cuddling with pugs and waiting to see where the next journey will take her. Jonna is currently working a screen adaptation of Will Love For Crumbs 

You can connect with Jonna on Facebook, Twitter and on her website. You can get your copy of Will Love for Crumbs on Amazon.

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