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Oracle - Sunken EarthOracle - Sunken Earth by C.W. Trisef
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Blurb:
Fall, current day, Atlantic Ocean. Another hurricane tears through the Bahamas, headed for Florida. Among the wreckage: a U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat, one survivor (Ret Cooper), and a spherical object of curious design (the Oracle).

Ret Cooper is a simple young man with mysterious origins, unique physical features, and no memory of his past. His new family and friends discover he is truly extraordinary, with supernatural powers and strange scars on the palms of his hands. But what is his destiny?

The Oracle is the key to Earth's unity and full potential, too perfect to be man-made. Legend claims it can unleash limitless power when filled with Mother Nature's six, pure, original elements. But where are these elements? And which of our planet's ancient secrets will be explained in the process of locating them?

The first book from new author C.W. Trisef will have you cheering for Ret as he travels a submerged road, discovers a lost city, climbs an electrifying mountain, and begins to unravel the mystery of the Oracle ... all during his first year of high school.

My review:
This is a solid YA adventure story.  The first in a series. Ret Cooper is assumed to be 14 years old. He wakes up one day in a life raft on the shore of Tybee Island with no memory of who he is or where he is from. His looks are very different from those around him and he has scars on his hand.

Things soon get even more bizarre when he discovers he has some supernatural powers, and certain people are very interested in him, including the eccentric wealthy father of one of his friends.

I enjoyed the quirky characters, loved the tie-in to the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the Bimini Road and the adventure which does not end with this novel.

I'd recommend this highly for young teens and tweens. Good clean fun!

What do you think of the Bimini Road? Is it a clue to Atlantis?

About the author:
C.W. Trisef has always been a dreamer with a passion for creative literature, especially fictional adventure. He believes that any quest can be realized within the pages of a good book. One brilliant day, during the Spring of 2004, C.W. envisioned the first adventure of Ret Cooper and his fate with the Oracle. Seven years and hundreds of pages of manuscript later, Trisef Book was formed and the Oracle Series officially began.

C.W. Trisef's Oracle Series is an impressive hybrid of fact and fiction, based on real places and substantiated theories. He believes a great story not only entertains but also educates. To this end, C.W. is committed to maintaining a well-informed imagination. This is why, for example, he traveled to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas in April 2011. Since the lost city of Atlantis has yet to be found, he braved the Bermuda Triangle and scuba dove the site of the actual Bimini Road for himself (see pictures below). After his trip, he even adjusted portions of the manuscript to be more consistent with what he observed. The product is a compelling blend of reality and fantasy that, as he knows and his readers agree, is almost believable.

C.W. Trisef believes that everyone should be able to read and experience the extraordinary adventures of Ret Cooper and his fate with the Oracle. To that end, if you personally find the paperback amount too high at and would like a copy at a cheaper price, please email him directly at Likewise, if you are interested in an autographed copy, please feel free to email him at the same address. Happy reading, the adventure has only just begun…


  1. I enjoyed "Oracle - Sunken Earth" as well, and I recently read the second book in the series "Oracle - Fire Island", and it was even better. I also appreciated the website ( where it explains the mysteries in more detail. Good stuff, very creative.

  2. Thanks for sharing Chad. I just might have to check out Oracle - Fire Island!

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  4. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi Book Slave! I'm on my way to check out your blog now!

  5. Great review. I LOVED this book. In addition to a fun story, the writing style was so intriguing and refreshing. I'm already loving the second book in the series. Thanks, A.B. Shepherd!

    1. Hi Wayne, I'm glad you enjoyed this book as much as I did. Thanks for saying so.

  6. "Oracle - Sunken Earth" is now only $0.99 on Kindle eBook -

  7. Hey AB Shepherd, I just finished reading book 2 “Oracle – Fire Island” and it was even better than book 1 “Oracle – Sunken Earth”!!! Do you know anything about the author (CW Trisef)? I would like to learn more about him . . . his books are fabulous and he seems to be relatively unknown??? Thanks.

    1. I don't know much about him iPad Man. All I know can be found on his website at