Sunday, February 26, 2012

Doing Max Vinyl Doing Max Vinyl by Frederick Lee Brooke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Blurb:
Earth first. Okay, maybe second. Third? She'll KILL you!

Max Vinyl’s type of success story can only happen in America. Rising from humble beginnings, he has reached the height of the computer recycling racket. Problem is, he’s using Lake Michigan as his own personal profit center. Even that wouldn't have been a problem if his environmentalist girlfriend Tris hadn't found out his dirty secret. And while Max is devastated by his love crashing down around him, he’s about to learn that the rage of a woman scorned packs far more firepower and potential for destruction than he had ever imagined.

Iraqi War veteran Annie Ogden has spent three depression-filled months living in a cabin in a forest preserve trying to re-discover her purpose in life. When two of Max’s thugs threaten Annie’s sister, she is dragged into his corrupt world in an unwitting alliance with the environmentalist, Tris. And for Max, that’s really bad news. Will he hold up under the coordinated attacks of two angry women? Will Annie find the inner peace that has escaped her so far? As things spin completely out of control and complications mount, it’s all Max can do to stay one step ahead—until it’s all he can do to stay alive!

A farce full of hysterics and wholehearted chicanery, Frederick Lee Brooke’s first installment of the Annie Ogden mysteries is an incisive examination of corporate lunacy, greed and modern disconnection. Having received multiple four and five-star reviews on Amazon and, Doing Max Vinyl: An Annie Ogden Mystery is loaded with razor-sharp dialogue, ingenious plotting—and so much fun it should be illegal!

My review:
 Max Vinyl is a good looking, 30 something, entrepreneur who has no moral fiber at all. His business of recycling computers and other electronics is a sham. He may sell those he can refurbish, but instead of responsibly disposing the rest, he saves a buck by dumping them in Lake Michigan. And that's not the only way he gets his hands dirty! Extortion, intimidation and all manner of illegal and immoral activities abound at TSR. Max's actions lead to all kinds of characters - of both the shady and upstanding variety - who want nothing more than to do him in.

He's got problems with women. His tree-hugging ex-girlfriend. His money-grubbing ex-wife. He's got problems with his employees, some of whom are causing trouble of their own. He's got problems with his Korean investors. It ain't easy to be Max Vinyl.

This is a well written and complicated story. Just when you think you have all the characters figured out, and you think you know what is going to happen more characters are added to the mix. Yet all of these characters are well fleshed out.

In the end who will Do Max Vinyl? You'll have to read to find out - I'm not spoiling it for ya!

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