Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Book Blurb:
Jenny does what she thinks is best for her. You are welcome to follow if you like. After a starter marriage, she tries to focus on her career but "that guy" shows up and he means business. Can he deal with the fact that she refuses to give up a life long relationship that is more than friendly? Contemporary Romance.

My review: 
It is really rare for me to give a completely negative review of any book. I have incredible respect for authors and appreciate how hard it can be to tell a story.  

I don't want to give any spoilers so what I have to say about this one is limited. As one other reviewer said this book feels, in part, autobiographical. That is not a bad thing in and of itself. The book is about 95% dialogue. This isn't a good way to tell a story. You don't get much emotion that way, much like you can't tell sarcasm or any other tone of voice. When all you get are pages of dialogue, most of it rambling and a bit nonsensical, you don't really know how the characters are feeling. Oh to heck with it. Here come the spoilers.

Jenny is a bipolar young woman who spends all of her adult life in a love triangle with her husband Danny and her best friend Barney. I find myself in a minority with this review. Others have said this book is insightful and that Jenny is a magnetic character. I didn't find it so. I didn't find Jenny magnetic or a sympathetic character. I found her selfish, obsessive, irresponsible and unwilling to accept responsibility for the decisions she made in her life. Other than her obsessive love for her children, in my view she had no redeeming qualities at all. The men in her life were supposed to be bewitched by her. Why? Because she was great in bed is the only reason I could come up with. But sexual obsession over decades is a bit unrealistic too. 

My biggest complaint though, is not about the characters or the story so much as it was about the non-ending. There was no resolution. There was no climax. There was just nothing. Just the words "The End".

I did not like this book. At least others do, and that is the good thing about stories. We all have different opinions.

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  1. Folks, I've received some comments from the lovely author of this novel on my review. I so LOVE when an author provides feedback on a review I've written.

    Virginia says:

    Well, thanks for reading it. I understand your viewpoint. The ending left things to be resolved later, but if you weren't happy with this one, you will be less happy with the Maze. At least there is resolution.

    I was striving more for physical magnetism rather than sexual obsession, but others have said I over stepped the boundaries. It was my first effort and great fun to write. It is great when the characters are criticized, actually.

    It's no secret I am weird for dialogue. And it is one thing I do get compliments on. Well, it's an evolutionary thing for me. Thank you for your interest.