Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rook (Allie's War, #1)Rook by J.C. Andrijeski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Blurb:
Twenty-eight-year-old San Francisco native, Allie Taylor, at least thought she was human. Against a gritty and original backdrop of a modern-day Earth populated by a second race of beings, Allie finds out she's a member of an enslaved yet deeply powerful race, whose members believe her to be their most venerated leader, come to end the reign of humanity. With her guide, Revik, a mysterious and deadly seer who acts as her bodyguard and teacher, Allie will come to grips with who she really is, or end up a slave like the rest of her kind...or worse, betray the very people she always thought of as her own.

My review:
J.C. Andrijeski weaves a modern day fantasy world that is both similar and very different from our own. In this world Allie - a 28 year old woman who has been raised as, and believes she is, human learns that she is much more than that. She is The Bridge. The catalyst of a world war.

This novel is fairly long at over 400 pages, but it doesn't feel it. It is high-energy, past-paced action, combined with pure fantasy. It is a study of interpersonal relationships, history (slightly rewritten), and politics. It is a romance. It is slightly difficult to understand the Barrier, but hang in there. It makes sense after awhile. I'll admit that I did get frustrated with Allie's wall she built, and her complete desire not to know in parts, but not enough to keep me from enjoying this book thoroughly.

By the end of this first book in this series, I think I was as exhausted as the hero/heroine from being so emotionally invested. May need time to recuperate before moving on to the next!

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