Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No WorriesNo Worries by Bill Condon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This novel was heading toward a 4+ star rating. Until the ending.

I really enjoyed the story of how Bri was coping with the difficulties in his life, his issues with his parents, his new job, and his newfound relationship with Emma. It was interesting and it felt true-to-life.

But this story ends abruptly at a climactic point and we are left hanging. It feels very unfinished. There is no conclusion. There is not even a hint of a conclusion. It just ends at a very strange point. It feels very unfinished.

Following my review of this one I got a note from the author. It said:

I'm Bill Condon. As explained to another reader, Katrina, the ending was based on an actual incident that happened to me. There is no magic bullet to cure very dark depression, so I wrote that open ending, which to me showed that there were hard times ahead, but if you kept on going and hoping, you had a chance.

I responded:
Cheryl Casement Hi Bill,
Thanks for your explanation. It is wonderful to get feedback on my review from the author.

I understand your point. Unfortunately, that doesn't change my opinion. I agree there is no magic bullet cure, and maybe there isn't even a truly satisfactory way to end the story, but as a reader I just would have really liked to see something pointing which direction Bri was heading - good, bad or otherwise. The book was so good up to that point that I couldn't say I didn't like it, but I can't say I loved it which up to the ending I did, because of that truly (in my humble opinion) far too abrupt ending. I truly felt like pages were missing. But it was a great story to that point.

You are a fantastic writer and obviously have truly profound stories to tell.
And a last response from Bill:

Bill Condon Thanks,

Nice to hear from you, and I entirely understand your point of view.
Happy Christmas.


It was truly a pleasure for me to get feedback from Bill on his perspective. 

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