Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Legend of Oescienne: The Finding (Volume 1) by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

My Rating: Three stars

Did you watch the first Lord of the Rings movie and just sit there stunned at the ending which had no conclusion like I did? That is kind of how I felt about this book.

This is a fantasy story that appears to be written for pre-teens. It is the story of Jahrra, a human child born in a time when humans are extinct because the human race was changed into a race of dragons due to a curse.   We watch Jahrra grow from infancy to about age 12 in this first book in the series. She is raised as a Nesnan and is unaware that she is human. She is being groomed for her destiny but is unaware of what her destiny is. She experiences loss, has to learn to deal with bullies, and explores the forbidden woods.

I liked this story but just feel like a lot was missing. The story is a little slow and many items hinting at something about to happen are referenced, yet that something doesn't happen in this book of the series. I sure hope it does in the next.

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