Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm George, mwm, 52 by George Everyman

My Rating: Two Stars

While fairly well written, I thought the author's point was a bunch of hooey. For the majority of the book, he's trying to tell us that all men really do think with their penises and he claims to be "everyman". He claims that he doesn't present himself that way in real life, but that his inner being is (in my words, not his) a man driven only by the goal of how much sex he can have, and he hopes his wife is having an affair because that means they can have an open marriage.

Throughout the book he tries to convince us he has a good marriage, but it would be better if he (and his wife) could sleep around too. While I respect the fact that people can define their relationships any way they want as long as they aren't hurting anyone, I got quite annoyed with all the "licking the kitty" references. I just didn't enjoy this book. The only reason it even got two stars is because I managed to slog all the way through it.

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